American Cream

American Cream Horse

   The American Cream is the only draft breed to originate in the United States. The breed descended from a draft type mare with an outstanding cream color. ‘Old Granny’ (the first registered American Cream) appeared at a farm auction in Story County, Iowa in 1911. Her foaling date has been placed between 1900 and 1905. She was purchased by a well-known stock dealer, Harry Lakin, and began to foal several cream colored colts on the Lakin farm, all of which sold for above average prices. Eric Christian, a veterinarian in the area, became attracted to one of Granny’s stallions and persuaded the Nelson Bros. of Jewell, Iowa to keep the colt. Nelson’s Buck is regarded as the progenitor of the breed. He was kept as a stallion and sired several cream offspring but Yancy, a cream colt out of black Percheron mare would be his only registered get. Yancy would go on to sire Knox 1st in 1926 out of a bay grade Shire mare. Knox 1st would go on to sire the most influential stallion to the American Cream, Silver Lace.

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