Missouri Fox Trotter

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

    The Missouri Fox Trotter was developed in the rugged Ozark Mountains during the nineteenth century by setters who needed smooth-riding, durable mounts that could travel at a comfortable, surefooted gait for long distances.
   Missouri achieved statehood in 1821 and the pioneers who streamed across the Mississippi River to settle in the Ozarks cam mostly from the vhills and plantations of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. They brought with them their finest possessions, including their best saddle stock. The breeding of this stock was largely Arabian, Morgan and plantation horses from the deep south. Later more American Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking and Standardbred breeding was added. It soon became apparent that horses able to perform the easy, broken gait called the "fox trot" were the most useful in the rocky, forest-covered hills of the Ozarks, and selective breeding of the fox trot gait began.
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