Spotted Saddle Horse
Spotted Saddle Horse
    Spotted horses have been popular with horseman since time immemorial. Prehistoric man scratched their likeness on the walls of caves and the American Indians, considered to be some of the world's greatest horsemen, selected spotted ponies as their war mounts.
  The Spotted Saddle Horse can trace its roots back to the history of horses that escaped from ships as they crashed on our shorelines. These horses were often spotted, naturally gaited, and possessed the strength and stamina necessary for war use. At the end of the Civil War, many imported "gaited" types of horses were left in the newly formed United States. Selective mating of these gaited horses resulted in the production of a smooth gaited, colorful horse that came to be known as the Spotted Saddle Horse. This horse performs a smooth, easy gait that is a true pleasure to ride.
   Through the years, the Standardbred, Mustang, and many more breeds have played a role in the development of the Spotted Saddle Horse. In more recent years, the Tennessee Walking Horse has been crossed with colorful gaited horses to infuse its smooth gaits into the colorful Spotted Saddle Horse Breed, thus strengthening the genetics needed to preserve the smooth glide ride of this fast growing breed. It is no surprise that Spotted Saddle Horses have become a modern favorite, suitable for any task.
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